A plumber's helper

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Labor, Other, Building construction
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Temporary, Full time
  • 01.2013-12.2018 Netherlands, employer: Rem-bud (various projects),plumber’s assistant,construction worker:  type of buildings: rebuilding of storehouses for flats, new construction, renovations, lofts, hospital repairs, work as a construction assistant at hydraulics (hanging radiators, soldering copper pipes, welding pipes plastic, installation of underfloor heating, installation of washbasins, toilets, installation of geberyts, sewage connections, assembly of fire protection system (sprinklers), installation of suspended ceilings, assembly of contacts,pouring concrete, concrete vibrating, mashing, shuttering,spreading of shuttering (demolition), folding of shuttering boards + vibrating, work on boards cardboard gypsum renovation and construction from scratch, domestic sewage treatment, making drains drainage of sewage system (septic tank drains underground water tanks)
  • 01-11.2012,UK, driver and car mechanic (repair of passenger cars):Cooperation with individual clients, tire repair replacement, personal and truck vulcanization obligations. Responsibilities: Mechanical work in the repair of cars: replacement of brake pads, oils and filters, suspension components, engine diagnostics, simple electrical work, car repair, in accordance with the service order. Performing basic operations in the field of manual and mechanical machining. Locating and removing damage to elements and subassemblies of motor vehicles.
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