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11.2017 - 02.2018

Position: CNC lathe operator, production and repair of hydraulic ram’s .Employer : „ hidraulike alata popravak” Mostar/Bosna, work on a 3 axial milling machine with Fanuk controller, work on a 3 axial lathe with 1 driven axis, Fanuk controller, no programming, only making corrections in off set

 01.2016 - 05.2016

Position: CNC milling and turning machine operator. Employer : Burnside Eurocyl Ltd.

 O'Brien Road, Carlow Ireland (+ 353 59 9134555)


from 11.2010 - 05.2015

Position: CNC lathe operator (FANUC) Responsibilities: Machining components correct with technical drawings. Machine setting, tool changing/settings. Measurements of the components using required measuring equipment – Vernier Calipers,

Micrometers- internal/external, concentricity gauges etc... Keeping dimensions up to precise

tolerances: f7,g6 etc. Writing new programs for new/prototype components.

Components machined are parts of hydrualic cylinders - piston rods/tubes.

Main materials used - low carbon and low alloy steels: CK45, ST52, 20MnV6, 36CrMo4 in

standard and induction hardened versions. Making batches of up to 200pcs. per order

Components size range: Piston rods: from 12mm O.D. up to 120mm O.D.

Tubes: from 40mm O.D. up to 200mm O.D.

Huge variety of lenghts from 120mm up to 2000mm

I’ve been working mainly on Victor and Doosan lathes

PUMA 400 (FANUC 21i TB, 3 axis X Z C ),

VICTOR 23 (FANUC OT, 2 axis X Z ), and other

3-4 axis machines.


08.2005 till 10.2006

Position: Machine operator in paper processing factory. (paper packages, wraping,

bags, etc...

Employer: P.O.M in Świdwin Poland (Agricultural machinery parts manufacturer)

 from 12.2001 till 06.2003

Position: Manual lathe operator


Machining components correct with technical drawings, measuring, tool setting/adjustments.


Material mostly cast iron

Employer : PHU Tomex Świdwin Poland (Electronic/Houseware Store)

 From 08.1999 till 04.2001

Position: sales/service technician

Responsibilities: sales and technical support/service of PC Computers

 sales and technical support/service of Mobile Phones


Employer : E & J Sp.C. Świdwin Poland (Electronic/Houseware Store)

 from 12.1997 till 02.1999

Position: Sales/service technician

Responsibilities: Sales and technical support/service of PC Computers


Employer : PLASTIC FORM Sp.C. Świdwin Poland

 from 05.1996 till 09.1998

Postion : CNC mould injection machine operator

 Quality controler


Professional knowledge of assembly and maintenance of PC computers

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