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08.01.2018- until now   

Work In the Dutch company Alberta Industries,work on the machine cnc OKUMA control

 machine setting, selection of tools


Work at the Dutch company Broods Fijnmetaal. Working on cnc PINNACLE,DOOSAN control system Fanuc

Typical milling job, machine setting, tool selection, program writing

Self-service machine on technical drawing

Manufacture of spare parts, work tolerance 0-0.01

26.10.2015- 16.12.2016       

Work In the Dutch company LEMMENS. Work on the machine cnc  Victor control system Fanuc

Typical milling job, machine setting, selection of tools, writing machining programs

self-handling machine cnc, work based on technical drawing

production of spare parts, working tolerances 0-0.01

29.08.2011- 30-09-2015       

Work In the Dutch company MOGEMA. Work on the machine cnc  KAO-MING control system Fanuc

Typical milling job, machine setting, selection of tools, 

self-handling machine based on technical drawing

production of spare parts, working tolerances 0-0.01 end

machine operator ZAYER with driver Heidenhain selection of tools, setting machine, forged aluminum components, working tolerances 0-0.01

04.04.2011 - 26.08.2011  

Work In the Dutch company  Odemar

work on the machine MORI SEIKI CNC system Fanuc

Typical milling job, machine setting, selection of tools, writing the program.

self-handling equipment based cnc.technical drawing work production of spare parts, working tolerances 0-0.01

11.01.2010 - 01.04..2011

work in the Dutch company TRI-SURE

production of locks into barrels for the petrochemical industry operator of adapted machines to one and of the same work the work consists in the tz.po control for filling the container of products inspection parti, next sending for the chemical processing, during processing elimination of small change breakdown so as the change tools if sie consumed earlier if not it as 10000 pieces replacement of tools to new, removing slight defects some of blocking, waste material  if something more serious notifying of the group mechanics, it isn't possible to try itself to repair

10.06.2009 - 07.01.2010

work in Dutch company AFAK,  production to ships for processing fish at sea the work as the fitter, locksmith and manual turner the work consisted on arrangements of wg. material of the technical drawing  namely for cutting material to the welding, for drilling, for threading, of assembling in whole next after welding together by welders I sandblasted detail on the sand spreader on the manual lathe preparing material, for placing the machine, for selecting tools, performing the retail everything on the basis of the technical drawing the detail found its way to the technical inspection

05.01.2009 - 05.06.2009

Working in a Polish company Dro-Pak,the production of the spare parts and special hinges into safes machines are manual milling machines and a CNC milling machine with the system Haas-Fanuc (new machine practically I did everything from the first start-up to the sequence of processing and training a few employees) the work in the smaller company consisted in picking the technical fig. up, next I wrote programs, I checked machines on the drawing, for placing the machine, the assortment of tools and processing how, it was necessary cos to do quickly and there was a cnc machine taken hold it I stood up on machine manual and I performed the urgent retail next the self-control and the detail found their way to the next inspection


19.05.2008 - 19.12.2008

work in the Danish company Desmi,production of pumps and elements to the spare parts machines are manual drills and cnc lathes system Fanuc on beginning training through 4 week in order to acquire the machine and technical drawings only in  with Danish. after the completed training examination in the knowledge next a work is selecting tools, placing details in the lathe and processing, (programs were already ready) if there was a long enough process of processing and the given detail had to still then be drilled I made it simultaneously controlling processing, after the finished work entire I took parties on forklift truck to the technical inspection machine is Kia machine system Fanuc end manual drills machine


04.02.2008  -28.04.2008

work in the Dutch company in Holland, production of the spare parts of the cnc machine with the system fanuc milling machines and lathes the work consisted mainly in guarding the process of processing, assortment of tools according to the technical drawing , to place, for message of program, next a permanent worker did the first detail how it was ok the change of details and processing for the end parti machine is first, yam only system fanuc


Dates 1992 - 2008

Name and address of employer MCHELIN Poland .Type of business or sector Motorization .Occupation or position held CNC milling machine programmer (from 1998), setter and operator

Main activities :Programmed, set and operated CNC milling machine at the  tire moulds production department

Key skills : Good at writing programs on FANUC PROFESSIONAL 3  English version system;

Operating Renishaw searcher in order to find and download right program type

Operating Makino A55,Huron Fz24,First,Yam,Haas CNC milling machine

Operating measurement machine Mistral DEA and Global Performance DEA with FANUC and TUTOR systems

Processing different materials: aluminum, black, stainless, alloy steel, plastics  and other 10 - 800 mm thick elements

Knowledge of workshop tools using, such as micrometers, lathes, planner  or quality controlling devices, etc

Reading technical drawings in English

Training 15 CNC milling machine operators on FANUC programming


Programming, setting and operating CNC milling machine

Responsible for the elements quality

Key achievements

« In spite of working long hours was eager to raise his qualifications and  finished FANUC ( all codes) programming course on CNC milling and  DEA measurement machines in 1998

12.06.1990 - 30.05.1992

Name and address of employer Technical Services Factory, Poland

Type of business or sector Manufacturing

Occupation or position held Milling machine operator

Main activities: Produced and processed spare parts used in safes production 

Key skills: Setting and operating manual milling, lathe  machine and workshop tools using such as guillotines, drillers, grinders, saws, etc

Processing  black, acid proof, stainless steel and plastics up to 1100 mm tick elements on average

Processing safes parts such as: doors, locks, shelves, etc

Reading technical drawings, Measurements taking

Responsibilities :Responsible for the high quality of the elements

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