Fitter of partition walls and suspended ceilings

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08/2015 – now Self-employed construction worker - 240m2 wood frame house

 forming, pouring and finishing concrete foundation

 building wood frame walls, floors, exterior sheathing, wood roof trusses

 installing mineral wool insulation

 hanging and finishing drywall

 painting walls and ceilings

 installing doors and door frames

 installing ceramic tiles and laminated wood floor panels

location: Oronsko, Poland

08/2010 - 02/2015 Self-employed construction worker - renovation work of

 80-200 years old buildings complex

 demolition work

 repairs of concrete, old masonry walls, wood beams

 install structures or fixtures, such as windows, doors, flooring, wood trims

 remove of damaged or defective parts or sections of structures

location: Oronsko, Poland

09/1993 - 02/2010 PROMAX- construction, interior decorating, painting

 installed steel and wood frame walls, floors, exterior sheathing

 installed drywall, doors, trims, windows

 painted walls, doors, windows wood trims, and build in cabinets

 decorative paint finishing and wallpaper hanging

 interior design of bathrooms and kitchen

location: Calgary, Banff, Canmore



Banff: Tatanga Ridge phase I and II - 150 custom build houses as subcontractor

Canmore: Silver Tip project - 40 custom build townhouses

06/1980 - 03/1990

Calgary, Brad Nemetz residence: complete renovation of 80years old house

Canmore, Kramer Contracting Inc. : custom build houses -interior painting and


High Mountain Rock Climbing Lublin

 application of anti-corrosion protection coatings - TV towers


More than 20 experience in the construction industry.

Great Ability to perform tasks on all areas and aspects of construction projects.

In-depth knowledge of construction process from material selection, techniques, tools and equipment

to quality assurance, cost control and safety.

Accurately read prints and layouts, project plans, specifications and prioritize tasks for efficiency.

 Proven ability to complete and fulfill paperwork for all work requests.

Excellent driving and attendance record

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