Manual turner, miller

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2017 - 2018  NL, CF  Techniek  Holkand   Manual   Turner

repairs of ship engines, turning bushes, flanges, rings, shafts, material: tool and stainless steel, works on the basis of technical drawing, self-assessment 8/10

 2015 - 2017  UK, W.B Precision Engineering  Manual Miller/Turner

production of parts for construction and agricultural machines, parts for cars, for oil industry, material: alloy steels, black, acid resistant, brass, aluminium, bronze, work on Colchester manual lathes, Webster Bennett, Harrison, Union, Bridge port

2012 – 2015 UK, Barrett Steel Energy Products    Manual Turner

accessories for mining platforms, parts: large sleeves, rolls 150x300x350, flanges, rings with a diameter of 300-600 mm, material: stainless and acid-resistant steel, Herbert lathes, Bennett, work based on technical drawing

2010 – 2012  UK, CS Engineering Ltd  Manual Turner/Miller

automotive parts, turning and milling of automotive parts, material: black and tool steel, stainless steel, work based on technical drawing; lathes: Colchester, Union, Deckiel milling machines

2009 – 2010         World Sport                                                                Warehouse Operative

2007 – 2009         Tomlin Hydraulics                                                     Manual Miller,CNC Turner

2007 – 2007         LEWA Gmbh                                                              Manual Turner/Miller

2005 – 2007         Seuerssig Gmbh                                                         Manual/CNC Turner



1985 – 1988         Mechanical Technical College                   Qualified as a Machinist

1982 – 1985         Mechanical Technical School                     Qualified as a Precision Mechanic

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