Milling machine operator,Locksmiths,Warehouse worker

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05/2018 MIKROTECHNIEK, Beverwijk

I worked on 5 axes power milling machines. MOIKI SEIKI, parts for Space Rockets were

milled on Heidenhain systems. Type of metal aluminium.


MACHINE FABRIK, Nederlands, CNC operator on the Fanuc system in Elburg

Parts for Scania and DAF ,main responsibilities : milling machine operator,worked on OKK machines and Matsuura 380i.

03/2017-11/2017 – Metal flex- Holland, Eindhoven- operation of CNC machines

Numerical and conventional machines, Siemens control, Fanuc, Heidenhain.

Weight min. Material - 24 kg and max. 1200 kg. Horizontal and vertical I also worked on galvanizing (Trumf, Amada), CNC numerically controlled lathes ( Heidenhain; Fagor) types Mori Seiki-Fastems SH50 -Acapro (Z axis dimension, 500 × 500 mm) pallet control of MSC 516 The machine is ready thanks to the Fastems.FPC-1500 pallet exchange system - Press brakes: Control-Heidenhain, Fanuc Akas; Mitsubishi. Max.-40ton / 3000 Dł.-1000mm-8100 Series Tandem-max.-16000mm, CNC control controlled 3-6 axes Control panel - Customers - vertically and horizontally with a stable base Profiles and pipes SOCO-5-7 electrically controlled axes SOCO AUTO-hydraulic 2-axis CNC SOCO NC-NC control SOCO MR and MRV-CNC series with the possibility of installing tools. I worked as CNC operator on milling machines on the Heidenhain system.

The company was involved in the production of space rockets parts (aluminum). CNC operator of Fanuc system.

Production components for Scania & DAF. I can operate overhead cranes and TNC machines such as guillotines, drills, piles, plasma.

11/2016 - 03/2017 Branch: Netherlands, Ijmuinden Mouse, Company I worked on guillotine and plasma shears. Preparations for welders who welded steel structures.

09/2016 - 11/2016 Branch: Netherlands Lacom, Eindhoven

I worked on milling machines mostly on long series on the fanuc and Heidenhain

system, products for Scania and Dafa

10/2015 - 09/2016 Branch: Germany

KAUFFMANN, Germany I worked as a locksmith. The Company produced neon advertisements for

Audi,Volswagen,Mercedes,Bmw.I worked on saws and guillotine.

04/2013 - 06/2014

Branch: Germany-TRIMCO

I worked as a locksmith.The Company produced pallets for subassemblies for MERCEDES and BMW.

I worked on quarries and saws and guillotine shears.



06/2013 Qualifying Certificates E1, E2, E3 and G1, G2, G3

Organizer: dairy cooperative ROTR

11/2012 Operation of forklifts, stackers, lift with propulsion

motor, electric

Organizer: BHP24 Sp o. 61-315 Poznan

06/2012 booklet-Sanitary-Epidemic

Organizer: Brodnickie Betting Żelatyny, Dairy Cooperative ,, ROTR "-Rypin

03/2012 Certificate for completing the course BHP

Organizer: dairy cooperative ROTR.

Forklift operator, Order-picker, Driving license. B , sofi number, Certificate qualification E1, E2,

E3 and G1, G2, G3,.

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