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  • 2016 - 2018 company Job Connect for Jobs 4 europe Bad Bendheim Germany painter, fitter: renovation of flats for employees (wall painting, window frames, window and door carpentry, gaits, balustrades, ceilings), assembly of PVC floor coverings, furniture assembly with IKEA
  • 2010.1-12 - Netherlands Belgium Sweden is a painter : renovation of apartments for clients, old and new apartments, painting of walls, windows, house facades, fences
  • 2014.06.19-22.12.2014 work as a painter renovation at Job Partner in the Netherlands: painting of houses, apartments, offices (walls, ceilings, stairs, wooden elements, windows, balconies, staircases)
  • 2014 work in the company Maler Betrieb Schneider Munich Germany as a painter: painting facades and assembly of scaffoldings
  • 2013 work in Switzerland, France, Austria painter, renovator fitter,carton gypsum ,aluminum constructions, painting the hospital, work inside the building
  • 2012-painter renovator in Austria and Germany for Amos as well, Carped ien Gmbh, putty, painting, fitting  in Amos, the whole floor of a large hospital building in Salzburg, Austria
  • 05.01.2011-09.12.2011 painter (renovation, painting of rooms, wood, windows, doors, grouting, etc. in the old manor house) assembly kg t, at Internacional Service Auxerre France
  • 29.06.2009 - 15.09.2010 painting and renovation works Ab midden job service as a painter, very high standard of work mainly villas, painting varnishing, etc. in the Netherlands BTL and Dani, also as a gardener of urban greenery
  • 29.10.2008-09.12.2008 in France for the DOC Cortin company by a painter (painting, assembly of plaster cardboard, work in a multi-family housing estate, mainly suspended ceilings and partition walls, furniture assembly)
  • October 24, 2006 to April 16, 2007. A dumb electrician to Elektromontarz. -From 21/05/2007 to 25/08/2007 - in the Netherlands at BTL, EXTENCE), urban greenery, gardener
  • 12.2004 - 07.2005 works in Germany, painter, construction worker, repairs of old houses, indoor and outdoor works, gardening works in the municipal greenery -30.07.2005-10.07.2006 PROMUS Essen, export Germany, electrical installation fitter -17.07.2006-20.10.2006 PUMAR - Germany painter fitter kg in office buildings
  • 28.08.-31.10.2004 GO EXTRA Kraków - export Austria- monter k-g, painter (office rooms, rooms, etc.)
  • 22.01.2003 -01.02.2004 I worked in the Eemig company as a painter, construction worker, fitter of k-g (painting and restoration works, installation of drywall, decorating works, renovation of an old palace in Rytwiany).
  • 10.03.2001 -18.11.2002 work in Germany company "Dedlewhorn" painter conservator gardener
  • 31.10.2000 PPiDKOP CHEMADEX Warsaw-export Germany - a fitter of technological equipment in sugar factories
  • 1.07.1994-07.08.1995 EMIG Sp.z.o.o PRB painter, fitter -22.06.1999
  • 1.03.1982-15.02.1985 Energorozruch Gliwice elektromonter, painter, -16.02.1985-18.02.1993 ZUTE Radom Elektrownia Połaniec electrician, painter, conservator, fitter,
  • 25.11.1981-27.02.1982 P.B.E.P. Energoprzem Kraków-Elektrownia Połaniec electrician
  • 24.04.1979-5.11.1981 Zakład Energetyczny Skarżysko RE-Busko electrician
  • -3.08-31.12.1978 GS Solec-Zdrój electrician
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