Welder 111,fitter, crane operator

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Production, Labor, Other, Building construction
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Temporary, Full time

2018 short projects in NL, Sweden, Poland

4 months as an electrode welder at OpenI Amsterdam by Orange jobs, insertion / welding of reinforcement grids, ladders, method 111, material black steel, thickness: up to 40mm, positions: PA, PF, work based on technical drawing

3 weeks as a welder on a short project at the IHC shipyard, welding with an electrode by We Link People, welding construction reinforcements, material: black steel, low-melting steel, thickness: up to 1 cm, welding on a ceramic washer, vertical recess, positions: PG, forced positions

2 weeks as a steel fixer, concrete mixer, carpenter shawl. For Warpol on his own business

1.5 months as a tinsmith, working with aluminium seam standing for Skanska S.A. On business.

2 weeks Malmo, welding of prefabricated elements, walls of block facades, black and RVS steel (electrode, forced position)

1 week Orange Jobs, welder 111, pipe welding, material: black steel, thickness: up to 4 cm, work with acetylene-oxygen torch

5weeks  BBL Manpower, electrode 111, hotel construction, welded reinforcing rods, forced positions, black steel, refractory, work with a technical drawing

1week, assembling construction, MIG welding, MAG and grafting, work with a technical drawing, operating the crane with level 0 - carriage of construction, operation of the milling machine (drilled holes in steel elements), cutting with acetylene-plasma torch, steel thickness up to 2 cm

2016- 2017

11 months as a roofer-tile work, construction carpenter in the Netherlands for Worxx bouw.

1.5 months of work as a storeman, grafter, fitter of steel constructions at Jan Gruss in Ławice.

3 months for Worxx bouw in the Netherlands as a roofer.

1Miesące as a heat sealer welded on ferroconcrete by the Wałcza beltway for Warpol,

2 months as a brigadier at the Orlen Szczecin fuel terminal - assembly, and welding with an electrode and cutting with an acetylene-oxygen torch so-called tick on Larsen tight walls also for Warpol. 1Msc. As a formwork carpenter - a timberman in the Netherlands, the construction of a wharf in Lelystad for BWB Flex.

1 month work on a farm in Luxembourg for replacement, operator of agricultural machines and tractors.


fitter of steel constructions, flashing on facades, roofs for BackUp ByggPersonel in titanium and ironworks Titanium & iron Tyssedal, assembly of stairs and balustrades, welding 111 galvanized steel


 in Norway MB Proff AS for TMRaugstad bricklaying, shuttering, concrete, welding 111 steel structures, assembly of sandwich panels, wooden structures, window and door assembly, locksmith work, electrical disassembly, hydraulics, roof tiles, woodwork ventilation, paper heating, flashing, guttering, regging, etc. bending and assembly of standing seam sheet.

July 2014 Work as a roofer, flat roof, dismantling of pvc, heating roofing paper

Baumolox gmbh Duisburg

 1,5 months of May May2014 Work as roofer (window siller), carpenter's construction (wooden facade France Technobud Poland.

4 months at the turn of 2013/2014, October-February. Work as a steel fixer and carpenter (culverts for animals and water along the tracks - modernization of the Gdańsk-Warsaw railway line) Warpol Krzysztof Warnke


driving license B,Dutch certificate vca, Norwegian permits for aerial platforms of all types, powers of the welder method 111-electrode, upgrade of asbestos, permission for forklifts.d-number, bsn nr

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